Some time ago I run into a problem with running the production (release) version of the Android app and tried a few different solutions which didn’t work until I found what was causing the issue.

At the moment writing this, the current version of the Flutter framework is 2.10.2.

The error manifests itself in a way that once you try to launch the app, the toast with a message “App isn’t installed” or “App not found” is shown. It appears like the app is not being launched at all.

When trying to solve this, I was mainly focused on Gradle and release configuration, because it looked like the release build was broken for some reason.

After a few hours of investigation and trial and error, finally, I figured out what I did wrong. The main issue was in Android Manifest.xml file, where under <activity ... > tag as from Android SDK version 31, it’s required to define android:exported value which I defined as a false.

Switching it back to the true, made the app work again.

Hope it helps, there is a lot of resources explaining what does this flag do, so you can check it if you want to learn more.

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